Autumn season has finally arrived here in my small city of Munich. For somebody who doesn’t care much about religously checking the weather channels, autumn weather came seemingly out of the blue. Summer was one day, and the next, autumn. Cool breezes, stifiling heat and sunshine, turned overnight into gray skies, cold winds and rain. Shorts and sandals are slowly turning into boots and jackets. Green leaves turning to orange and yellow.

And all at once, summer collapsed into fall.

Oscar Wilde

This excites me. I love autumn. The orange crunching leaves underfoot, rosy cheeks from the crisp air, hot cups of tea always on hand, while bundled up in cardigans and slippers.

I’m currently sitting cosy, in my soft lit bedroom with the heater on, tea on my right, water on my left, laptop on, the cat kneading her special blanket laid out on my bed, and a lofi playlist on – volume low. I just wanna put my hair up into a bun and gleefully type away.

Summer is wonderful and warm. The perfect time to go swimming, catch a tan and go on road trips. I love the blue sky and soft breezes on my skin. Yummy ripe summer fruit juice that dribbles down my chin and melting ice cream.

But autumn is so much more interesting and colourful. Trees shed their firey leaves, revealing long elegant skeletons. The wind becomes a rattle of crunchy leaves instead of a rushing of warm air. Smells of warm chocolate and hot pastries in the air lure the senses inside. Hot pumpkin soup in a big mug to keep your hands and belly toasty warm, and my personal favourite – snuggling down into a big blanket with my feet tucked up against the heater with a good book in hand.

Autumn is the perfect time to create. It is the end of one year and the beginning of another. Inspiration is everywhere in the world as it transitions to winter time. It’s the perfect time to discover! New books, new food to cook, new cafes with yummy toasted muffins and good coffee. Maybe a new passion for the soul. Maybe picking up an old passion.

So much to look forward to!

As for me, as autumn settles in, I will be happily tucked away somewhere between my writing, the arms of my love, and a Muriel Barbery novel as the rain patters on the windowsill outside.


lily e saville