i’m starting to feel it again
i can feel it in my stomach
in my chest
something’s blooming
my words are starting to rise up again
up, out through my fingertips
tap tap tap
i feel release through each tap, push, breath


by lily e saville

The past two years of my life have greatly fluctuated between being the best time of my life and the hardest. Moving to another city, on the other side of the world meant giving up all sense of stability and comfort. Even though it was a scary thing to say goodbye to all things comfort zone, I knew great things were going to happen to me and I was ready to welcome what came my way with an open heart and mind.

I didn’t go into it thinking that everything was going to be easy, I knew it was going to be a difficult and major adjustment for me. I knew though, it was going to help me grow up. Having experienced the highest moments of my life here in Munich, and also my lowest points that I’ve ever had, I have learnt so much about my mind and body and how to care for them, to feed them nourishing things, so that I may bloom the way I want to and how I can embrace or tackle what comes my way.

Life is so full of unexpected things, people, feelings, you can never be properly prepared for what comes. I cannot explain the amount of emotions that I have felt through the last two years in Munich, the people I’ve met, relationships made, music found, food eaten. That’s what it’s all about though, isnt it? Living and feeling, creating, moving, growing, connecting, smiling, crying, hugging, kissing, laughing.

I feel now I’m finally beginning to properly settle, my heart is happy, my mind and body are both growing healthier. I have energy now, to breathe, create, speak, write, eat, live and love with everything I can give.

My previous blog showed me parts of myself that I’ve now grown away from, and I didn’t want to hold on to it all. I have librated all those words and thus liberating myself to create new.

Here’s to new.

lily e saville