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what can i say but thank you


i break your heart over and overbecause you refuse to be whole again without meyou blame me for your painbut you fail to realisethat the heart you are missingyou stole from metrapping me inside your ribcageleaving you to love only the empty shellof what once was by your own wordsa templenow in ruinsby your own heart…


i feel unattachedand distanta faded mindfrom drugs and alcoholmy body is alivebut my mindis tired and tornyou feel very far awaybut you should be closeyou push me off and away from youlike i’m a piece of nothingand then realise too late i’m not something to simply brush asidewhen will you learnthat i’m more than just…


tape a microphone to my chestaim an arrow at my heart like Ulayand tell me you can’t hear my heartbeating for its life

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