i feel unattached
and distant
a faded mind
from drugs and alcohol
my body is alive
but my mind
is tired and torn
you feel very far away
but you should be close
you push me off and away from you
like i’m a piece of nothing
and then realise too late

i’m not something to simply brush aside
when will you learn
that i’m more than just something that makes you feel good

but in a single movement
you erase the bad
a quiet look
or a brush of your hand on my cheek
a gentle kiss
whispered words
and i fall for you again
and again


it feels like late spring
sitting up here on my window sill
seemingly on the edge between two worlds
warm air buffering me on one side
the cool breeze on the other
the fresh air feels good
and the sun is hot on my cheek
a book resting open on my knee
i breathe in deep and close my eyes
it’s a nice place to be
perched up above the rooftops
not quite commited to the real life jostling down below
but also not quite confined to the stillness of my room
just a small taste
of summer
just a small taste
of another life

what can i say, but thank you

my heart lay there 
between us 
e x p o s e d
and honest 

tired of the pretending
its beat was slow and heavy 

you picked me up
and placed me back in my still chest 
you took my hands in yours 
and ever so gently
pulled me to you 
back to your warmth

you gave me back my heart 
and made me whole again 
so i can love you properly 

-what can i say but thank you