The universe is always working in funny ways. Its always flowing, creating, influencing. What goes around comes around is not just a common saying or a famous song, but rather a staple principle that is always working to bring a sense of equality or support back to those who recognise and respect it. Its not… Continue reading universe


For a really really long time now, I have been struggling to figure out how to express and articulate myself in a way I feel like I will be correctly understood. Much like my mother and father, I am a very emotional creature. I'm very sensitive and find it difficult when I find myself in… Continue reading frustration


Autumn season has finally arrived here in my small city of Munich. For somebody who doesn't care much about religously checking the weather channels, autumn weather came seemingly out of the blue. Summer was one day, and the next, autumn. Cool breezes, stifiling heat and sunshine, turned overnight into gray skies, cold winds and rain.… Continue reading autumn